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President's Meeting Update

Real Estate Sales Representative with Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam

  We had a solid day of meetings with all the BC Real Estate Boards Presidents.  There were many topics of interest, most of which involve the individual Boards and their members.  We did however, discuss the HST and it seems there isn't much we can do.  It's coming to BC regardless and  the government doesn't seem to want to negotiate with us.  At the end of the day there are some changes that can be made that could make this less of an impact on British Columbians.  One, they could put the threshold up to $500,000  instead of $400,000.  They could change the $20,000 rebate to a 4% rebate.  They could also start to eliminate the Property Transfer Tax to help offset even more tax. 

  So with that, we need all Real Estate agents to talk to their client base and have them log onto the BCREA site and send the pre-written letter into the government.  It is easy, takes only a few seconds and hopefully with enough support the government will feel some pressure to take a serious look at these issues.  I'll provide a link to the site below.  Cut and paste it into emails to your clients.  It's also a great issue to discuss if you send out mailers to your clients.  Let's get them involved.  Let's get noticed.  Let's get the government talking seriously about this.

Here is the site.



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