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Different kinds of real estate Web sites

From the way consumers acquire information about properties and neighborhoods to the way agents market themselves and their listings, real estate, like so many other industries, has been fundamentally altered by the Internet. There are tens of thousands of real estate Web sites, with more popping up every day. This abundance of information and data analysis gives you the ability to do plenty of research during your home search.

You're likely very interested in browsing current inventory. There are lots of sites that you can visit to view properties for sale: well-known national sites that amalgamate listing data from various sources, local MLS sites that post participating agents' listings, and local firms or agents with their own listings or links to the entire MLS.

In addition to finding traditional data, like number of bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage, there are sites that calculate the estimated value of any home. These sites get mixed reviews from real estate professionals, for while sometimes accurate, the numbers at these types of site can be misleading or flat-out wrong.

Some sites enable a homeowner to create a profile and identify herself as the owner of a particular home. This gives her the opportunity to enter specific information on the property. Most of the data will be populated, but the owner can provide comments on things like improvements that have been made and her favorite thing about the house-things not reflected on a standard listing site.

Still other sites provide information about neighborhood demographics, crime in the area, local schools, and other important considerations.

The presence of real estate-related blogs has dramatically increased over the past few years. These sites are chock full of information and allow for interaction and user comments. Blogs are great tools to gain not only information, but perspective, as well.GO TO SHARKEYPEEKGROUP.COM FOR ALL YOUR NORTH DALLAS REAL ESTATE SEARCH NEEDS OR CALL TIFFANY SHARKEY AND TONYA PEEK AT 972-977-2254.

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