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I have a daily routine, I think a lot of people do.  If you are in the Real Estate Business your daily routine is not as routine as most, it is usually an "unusual schedule", you work evenings and weekends, but I have had to build "structure" into my day in order to feel Normal.  (well somewhat normal because normal isn't as fun as I like.  :) 

People who know me well know that they can find me out on an hour long walk any time from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM and most days it is in West Goshen Community Park.

The park is nice, there is a loop that is almost a mile, I add a bend that overlooks the reservoir to mine and it IS a mile.  I usually go around the loop at least 3 times, sometimes 4.  Somedays I go to other places to walk.

Ultimately, it is a great day when I walk at the park!