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Who would have known that the profession of real estate prepares you for internet dating. Those of you who have been in the business for a number of years know that as careful as you try to be there are times that you throw a person in the car and off you go to visit a home or you meet someone that you have spoken to for a few minutes on the phone and then meet them at a vacant house.  We all know that these are no no's, but sometimes we just do dumb things.  Amazingly you do not do that in internet dating.  You meet your prospect at some public place, sit and chat.  You qualify them to see if further looking is necessary.  Because you are accustomed to making people comfortable quickly and asking qualifying questions, your first encounter usually goes smoothly.  As you can see, internet dating is safer than real estate.

Have you ever seen a picture of a house and it looks gorgeous, but when you visit it you want to hire the photographer because the reality of the house is 100% worse than the photos?  Just like the dating sites, some of the pictures tell you a lot about the prospect, but sometimes you wonder why, why, why would they post some of those ridiculous shots or the photo makes you ask when you see them in person, "Who is that guy?"

What about lying?  Have you ever had client say that they are going to pay cash and oops, they really meant that it would be "like cash" because they wouldn't have any problem getting a loan from their local banker?  What about those prospects that tell you they MUST have a view, 4 bedrooms and a 3 car garage, but end up buying a 3 bedroom with no view and a 2 car garage?  This is simply more preparation for dating on the internet.  Of course some of them lie!  Age, weight, money, job and the best lie is their marital status, but because we have experience with people who lie, we can handle it.

There is heartbreak in real estate just like internet dating.  Sometimes you go out and show seemingly hundreds of properties, and then they stab you in the heart and go buy from someone else or tell you that you are not the right listing agent for them any longer.  It's just like internet dating.  You have long chats, go out several times, build rapport, develop real feelings for these people, and lo and behold they have decided that some other person is a better match for them or they just disappear.  Sound familiar?

If you haven't ventured into the world of finding your future via internet dating, don't be afraid.  It is EXACTLY like selling real estate.  You know how to do it.  Just remember the most important word to emotionally survive real estate and internet dating is......NEXT!


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