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It does not really matter in this challenge if you believe in the wars or not. 

 What does matter is if you believe in love or not.

 I became a volunteer for HomeFrontHugs a few months ago when I saw a news report.  For reasons obvious to me I had to get more information.  Therefore, I did what I always do and googled them.  I love what I found.  An organization that just asks for love and support for our troops. 

 In all honestly, I, personally go back and forth daily about the war that we are in. We never get the same or accurate information because News is political and seems to have an agenda instead of just reporting the truth.  I don't always understanding if we are there for the right reason or if we are doing any good and I hope that someone in our Government does know.   I hope because we put them in office that, they are making the correct decisions.  I honestly have never forgotten 911 and the way I felt knowing that the President was in Florida at one of our elementary schools, (The schools did not tell us which school he would be visiting for security reasons.)  Moreover, my baby boy was there.  The panic that we were under attack and I could not get to my son in time is something I relive ever year and I cannot even begin to understand what the people in New York must have felt.  Therefore, now that I have said all that, I support our troops the men and women that put their lives on the line daily so that I can live.  I cannot imagine a war here in America and hope I never have to.  September 11, 2001 was close enough.  I cannot imagine falling asleep to bombs or not letting my son ride his bike because of a war going on.  Therefore, when I get a call for something, which I can do, I jump.


Please read the challenge below and take this challenge to do something good.  Get the kids involved.  I can't promise you money or business but I can promise you this, you'll feel great and like you made a difference.


Thank you,


Tammy Archibald

 A Dying Hero Who Needs Our Support


Meet Ken Downing of Gulf Breeze, Florida. I have not met him yet. 

Yet when I spoke to him on the phone- his gentle kind voice almost made me cry.

I knew then I needed to share this gentle soul with you who need some emotional support during his last days on Earth.

He is a Korean War Veteran with terminal cancer and Grandpa to one of my son's best friends: Jared. 

I am not sure what touched me- but when I heard his voice on the phone the other day and found out he had cancer ...I knew we could make a difference no matter how small. We will go visit him but when I do- I want to do it with your help too...knowing we are all helping a little bit to keep him hugged. 

 His favorite treat is a chocolate Milkshake and enjoying FSU Seminoles Football !

His dachshund- once partial to his late wife who passed away three years ago. now keeps him company as he spends his last days on Earth.

No physical needs- he is just slowly dying with not much time left according to his sweet daughter-in-law Kelly.  Ken is  devout Christian so his spirituality is something very important to him. 

 " He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it," Kelly tells me. 

It was because of our hero that his grandson Jared adopted his first soldier at Homefront Hugs and is always helping us with different missions.

Jared is only 10 but the kind of boy any Grandpa would be proud to call his. 

 Let's make his last days on Earth special and full of warmth and love. No veteran should die alone and though he has some family here- sadly not all are involved... many are further away and he  needs some extra TLC...

We are going to accept this honorable assignment and treasure the opportunity to bring a hug and a smile. If you decide to write him or make him a card with your family, let him know you are Homefront Hugs volunteers, where his grandson Jared volunteers, so he is not confused...

 Also- he is a bit hard of hearing so the phone may be difficult and you may want to write first and make him comfortable. 

His address? 

Kenneth Downing,Sr.

1807 Anderson Street

Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563 

phone number:(850) 916-7555 

So dear volunteers- do your magic- and help make this hero's last days on Earth a bit more special so he knows how grateful a nation we are ...and the memories he has will be of love and gratitude rather than the cancer...

 Sincerely in dedication and gratitude to all our heroes who serve and have served this country with honor,courage and integrity including our volunteers,


Alessandra Kellermann
President and Founder
Homefront Hugs USA So many missions- so many volunteers needed !!

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