Modern Style and Function at Meuller

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Austin Modern Living

The "SunFlowers - An Electric Garden" installation on the west side of the Meuller Redevelopment can't be missed from I-35.  Designed by artists Mags Harries and Lajos Heder as a sustainable public art installation, the iconic "flowers" also serve as solar panels, and provide shade on a hiking trail that winds through them.

The artists say: "We set out to create something new and fitting for the Mueller Redevelopment and for the whole city of Austin. Sustainable development and environmental stewardship are a high priority here. We decided to put our project to work creating renewable energy, as well as shade and comfort along the bike path. Natural sunflowers process solar energy to grow, ours do it to light themselves at night and to put extra kilowatts of electrical energy into the grid."

We say it's a perfect combination of style and function, that fits nicely with the modern home scene in Austin.

Check it out in person at the Meuller Redevelopment, or learn more here:


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