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Club Tsunami at the Five Star Conference was a great success thanks to everyone's hard work.  The REOMasters' executive staff was awesome and most of our membership geared up to support the event.  Even if you couldn't attend, the social networking, blogging, Twittering, et al contributed greatly to the success of the event and the visibility of the REOMasters Network.

But Club Tsunami was a pit-stop . . . not the destination.  There is great interest in our organization.  I had dozens upon dozens upon dozens of people notice the REOMasters lapel pin and ask me about the organization.  Everyone that asked was quite interested and intrigued with the whole concept.  We are going to grow, and rapidly.

Since we are all, most likely, "Type-A's" we need goals toward which to strive.  Club Tsunami was certainly a good goal, and we did it together.  But the ultimate goal remains to set a new standard of conduct and performance for REO agents, a standard that will be prized by the corporate client community.  We want the client community to know that it is OK to expect and demand excellence from their REO Agents, and that there is no better choice than an REOMasters member

At the conference and networking events I heard lots of opinions.  Some said REOs are going to grow . . . some said they are going to diminish.  Whether they do either, the truth is that there will be REOs.  No matter what, the pre-marketers and asset managers will be constantly looking for "quick-scan" ways of selecting agent resources that can be trusted to understand, execute and complete "tasks" on-time (with no surprises - thanks, Richard.)

At Five Star, I sat through a presentation by a board member of a prestigious REO brokers association.  What I heard him say was that REO "is all about making money." (Yikes!!)

There are those that deliver excellence and are rewarded for it. That is us (REOMasters)!  And there are those that seek the reward by delivering the minimum required to gain the reward. That is NOT us! (I hope)

We have an incredible membership, the best agents/brokers I have ever been privileged to meet.  I truly mean that!

As a group we can be what we will . . . as individuals we can only be what others allow.

As a group . . . let's Rock!.

The "bar" has been raised.

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Ginger Moore
Wilkinson & Associates Realty - Gastonia, NC

Hi and thanks for sharing.  nice info here.  keep us informed.

Sep 27, 2009 12:44 PM