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Well... we finally did it! We bit the bullet despite a little resistance from the "old Schoolers" on our team. To our delight, after only less than 30 days up and running on both systems, we are getting amazingly positive feedback from our agents and clients!    

Our agents are supported by full time licensed transaction coordinators in our offices. So they are already getting really full service and support, but we wanted to take it up another notch, by utilizing the latest technology to both help with our "going GREEN plan" and to give the ultimate in convenience and time saving tools for both our agents and our clients.

Here are some testimonials about the electronic signature subscription to DocuSign from some of the agents at our brokerage BRADLEY REAL ESTATE:

I love, love DocuSign!! I just did a smooth15 day close while my seller was in Australia which could not have been done with out DocuSign. No more faded, unreadable scans and faxes. Once again providing superior services for my clients! Thanks Rob and Melissa! I'm very happy to be here at BRADLEY REAL ESTATE! - Heidi Ellyn

For me,  Docusign is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs to hit real estate. It has given the ability to agents and their clients to have logistically seamless transactions. With no need for printers or fax machines, all anyone needs is a computer and an Internet connection. No more printer or fax breakdowns, no more hotel fax numbers. Personally, I have found that the back and forth time has decreased significantly. I sent an offer to another agent and within ten minutes, I had the completed contract, signed, and in my inbox. Easy to read, easy to forward to the TC, lender, title company. Seamless, quick, and with so little printing of lengthy documents needed, very good for the environment. You can have, keep, store, send, the entire transaction digitally. Amazing. I've just used it for my second transaction. My clients were so excited at how easy and quick it was to use. They are actually looking forward to new docs! Thank you BRADLEY REAL ESTATE! - Laura Schifren

Since I have started using DocuSignabout a month and a half ago I have closed 3 transactions all with the help of this great tool. The time that is saved driving to my clients for signatures, or printing, scanning and faxing is amazing. Here are just a few examples: I was able to close a transaction in 10 days with my client in Hawaii, the seller in New York, the listing agent in San Francisco, and me at my desk in San Anselmo with no issues and probably in about 1/16th the time it would have taken all of us to get the paperwork done. On another transaction, I was able to get a last crucial document signed when my client was in the middle of class, her response was "I think I did it, it seemed too easy though." If I had to wait for her to get out of her class find a printer and fax machine it would have delayed the escrow. Also just yesterday I was able to write an offer, send it to my clients- one in San Francisco and one in Oakland- have them sign it, return to me and submit the offer all within 20 minutes. I am telling you DocuSign has made my life and my clients lives (no matter how "techie") so much easier. I know I will do a lot more business with this fantastic tool. I like it so much I would purchase it myself, but thanks to BRADLEY REAL ESTATE I don't have to. Just one more reason why this company is so great!- Jennifer Bowes

Right now I have 5 deals in escrow and I have to say I love DocuSign!! Just one example of how excellent this tool is: My client at 8:30pm this last Sunday night wanted to make an offer on a place where they live in Berkeley. At 9:00 I had the offer back to me digitally signed by my buyer. My buyer is not the most talented with the computer but said "That was easy!" He was so happy that we could get the offer in so quickly and very impressed with our services. Now that's just AWESOME!! Thank you BRADLEY REAL ESTATE for another great tool to help my business grow and keep my clients happy. - David Gallagher

Needless to say as the broker/owner of BRADLEY REAL ESTATE I am pleased we took the step and put these tools in place at additional  no cost to our agents or our clients. I will post more on my blog about Transaction Point as this is mostly about the benefits of DocuSign.

If you need help in San Francisco, Marin, East Bay or Sonoma, we have 300 agents to help you. Our average agent has been licensed 12+ years. We have agents that specialize in all aspects of real estate.

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Melissa Bradley CEO, CRB, CRS  

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Melissa Bradley



Monika Depalo
REAL ESTATE Agent/Stager

Sounds good and saving a tree is always good.  We have a system through the MLS but it freezes up all the time and can not be relied on and frustrates our offices.  Yours sounds better is it connected to the MLS or a private company entity?

Sep 27, 2009 01:07 PM
Freezes all the time? What kind of system do you use? What is it called?
Sep 28, 2009 02:00 AM
An Bui
DocuSign - Seattle, WA

Melissa, Thank you for the post - we love understanding what senders and signers like about the system as well as ways that it can be improved. Thanks so much for sharing!

Monika, which system are you using? Have you had IT look at connectivity? DocuSign via web is very popular and DocuSign also offers several other ways you can use the DocuSign system. Please let me know if you'd like more information!


An Bui, 

DocuSign Social Media

Sep 28, 2009 10:11 AM