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Hi everyone in NE PA!  We are soon relocating to Montrose, PA and we're looking forward to it!  Life in CA has been really good, the weather exceptional, the ocean "right on!" but after 26 years in the military and over a year doing business in CA we're too far from family.  We're coming home, as sung by Daughtry says it all.  We're bring our business with us and aspire to offer Susquehanna and surrounding counties the best inspection service ever!  We're bringing with us our thermal imaging capability.  Soon the cold weather will be knocking at the door, the windows, the under-insulated walls and ceilings; and then the snow will fall, ice dams will develop and the ensuing damage they can cause.  We can help identify those areas needing more insulation before your utility bills are sky-rocketing, or before you find the wood pile is grimly diminishing quickly before your eyes.  Call us for a FREE quote.  Yes, we do home inspections, but we also do thermal inspections.

Greg and Carrie Scheer
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