The Extension Cord Idea You've Been Waiting For

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The Extension Cord Idea You've Been Waiting For


SocketSense Surge Protector

The traditional, 6-socket surge protector is a ubiquitous product in American homes. 

It also happens to be rife with design flaws, the most glaring of which is the socket layout. 

Traditional surge protectors are built for skinny-plugged devices only.  Few of today's electronics are "skinny plug".

The Socket Sense Expandable Surge Protector corrects the flaw.

The Socket Sense matches form and function.  It features 6 angled, expandable sockets that make room for even the biggest and boxiest plugs.  Its casing stretches from 13 to 18 inches, as needed, and has a slim, fit-anywhere design.

By providing for 6 input devices, the Socket Surge does the job of two traditional surge protectors.  You can buy Socket Surge at most hardware stores and on, too.

The device retails for about $25.

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