When is enough too much?

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•·         It occurred to me recently that more and more of my time these days is being spent toiling away at accomplishing the goals that I have outlined for myself. Primarily building my real estate business. That's a good thing, right? But how do you recognize the signs that you are spending too much time building your business and not enough time, or sometimes any time, with your family?


•·         I have several millionaire friends whom I have known for years and watched as they built their fortunes. You have to give them credit. They started with nothing and somehow built multi-million dollar empires. At what cost did they achieve this success? 15 hour days were the norm. Six or seven days a week. You have to ask yourself is it really worth it? These guys were willing to sacrifice their personal lives even time with their families to be successful. They definitely earned their success. But at what cost? When is enough too much?


•·         In my own humble opinion God and Family have to come first. Without them the greatest successes are nothing more than hollow pursuits. Of course I would love to make millions in real estate. But the reason I want that is to be able to provide a good life for the few people who really love me and have time to enjoy them before I am dead!


•·         Call me crazy but shouldn't real estate be the means to an end and not the end itself?


•·         I am still working on the balancing act. I guess it is a never ending process....

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David Mieth

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David, success means something different to everyone. The great balancing act of family, security and peace requires careful planning and communication. I am by no means an authority on this but when in doubt, Simplify.

Sep 28, 2009 07:49 AM
Douglas Fischer
East Oahu Realty - Selling Honolulu, Hawaii Condos - Honolulu, HI

All of the questions you have posed are ones that I ask myself almost daily.  One of the things that I have learned living in Hawaii, is that most locals truly know how to relax and enjoy themselves.  No one is chasing the dollar here or worrying much about their finances.  As they say here in Hawaii, malaho (thank you).

Sep 28, 2009 09:28 AM
David Mieth
Exit IH-10 Realty - San Antonio, TX

Thanks Douglas,

  It's nice to know that my concerns are shared by others. I can see where it would be hard to concentrate on work living in Hawaii!

Sep 28, 2009 01:20 PM