You never know what to expect at U.S. bank in the Valencia Pavilions store

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U.S. Bank, grocery shopping, Starbuck Frappacinos, Doug Brown from Frontier Toyota, Prostate cancer awareness, and a Antaphi concert all inside the Valencia Pavilions!  What will they think of next!!!

 Yes, this isn't a typo we listened to a great local Santa Clarita Band "Antaphi" inside the Valencia Pavilions today!.  They were there playing for a good cause raising funds for prostate cancer awareness and they were good!!  In fact we bought their CD and donated towards the prostate cancer cause. I plan to see them again, Here is their show schedule  They are a great local homegrown and talented group. Chip, Dan, and Lucas put on a great show.  Their website is found at and have a MYSPACE page at


It all started with my deposit at U.S. Bank which has three locations throughout Santa Clarita. I recommend you see Navneet Kaur Co-Manager (661) 257-6620 of  Copper Hill Rd Branch.  She pointed out some great money saving tools for my business account, that others failed to mention to me  We were at the Valencia U.S. Bank branch today located within the Valencia Pavilions off McBean Parkway.  As I was filling out my deposit slip this father's day  I heard music playing in the distance and I laughed at the teller  saying "That sounds like a live band in here Ha Ha Ha!  And she looked at me with a straight face and said "it is"  Sure enough, I took a second look across the store and there was a band playing literally in the store!! 

I had to bribe my 13 year old and niece earlier to tag along with "Dad" to the bank with a double chocolate frappacino from Starbucks which is also located within the Valencia Pavilions.  They started to gravitate towards the music that Antaphi was playing from within the store. So there we were sipping our frappacinos and listening to some great music.  I have got to hand to the management in Pavilions they think outside the box. 

 I live in Stevenson Ranch, California but always make it a point to shop in this store in Valencia even though it's across town.  I do so because of an experience I had in this store a while back.  I walked in to buy a couple of things (literally two) and 20 minutes later I am balancing all these items (8 and counting) in my arms like a circus act.  A store clerk comes running over to me with a shopping cart and says "here sir I noticed you might need this" It wasn't like there was a cart in front of me that he just wheeled up he went to the other side of the store and brought it all the way back to me.   I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself doing this in other stores where no one could care less. In fact I bet they were taking wagers at those other stores as to what item would fall out of my arms first. 

 I was so impressed with this clerk at Pavilions that I went up to the manager that day and shared my experience. How many times do we go up to a manager and let them know they are doing something right.  I would not be surprised to learn this store leads the pack in sales.   I have been going there when I can, ever since.  They are also great at checking you out, if they see a few too many people in line they open up lines before I have to go up and ask them to. And they are great at making you want to contribute to causes they are supporting. Today was no exception.


So Doug Brown, a salesman with Frontier Toyota comes strolling by.  I know Doug because a few weeks earlier Doug had assisted us in buying a Toyota FJ Cruiser. No they are not selling cars in Pavilions yet, it just so happens that Doug was also shopping at the Valencia Pavilions at the time.  Now, just a quick word about Doug, My wife Lisa loves the Toyota FJ Cruiser but she didn't want to drag all our girls into the dealership and it was already getting late so I went through all of the paperwork with Doug in the dealership in Valencia. I told Doug I know it's late I'll have my wife stop by tomorrow to finalize everything.  To my surprise Doug volunteered to take the paperwork to our home to have my wife sign that night, so she would not have to be inconvenienced with having to go to the dealership the next day.  Mind you, this was after 12:00 midnight! Doug and his support staff at Frontier Toyota were great, they went above and beyond. I recommend you buy your next Toyota from their dealership in Valencia.  It's no surprise Toyota sales are so high.  Doug's number is (661) 202-2337 tell him you read about him in this blog.

So as we left the Pavilions store I shared with my daughter and niece that life can make an ordinary trip to the bank into an adventure.  "You just don't know what you could experience along the way" I said,  "If you had stayed home you would have probably thought I was making this all up to make you feel like you missed out not going to the bank with me"  Who knows what we will encounter tomorrow, but today was a great way to start a Father's day!

Doug Brown from Frontier Toyota with "Antaphi" in the Valencia Pavilions store on Father's Day.  Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved

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