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Adventures in Real Estate, Lahaina HI: Diary of a Rookie Realtor Part 3 & 4

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I missed writing Part 3 of my adventures last week, so this will be a combination of part 3 & 4. What I have learned from the 30-day plan is to be more organized, set a plan, stick to it, contact lots of people, be pro-active. I did not contact 400 people for the month. That was next to impossible. I did however pick up one listing and I have a condo in escrow. I am also working on some farming mail-outs. I had an interesting weekend. On Saturday I was on floor duty. It was a quiet morning. No walk-ins. I heard a noise out in the parking lot sounding like a bird, but this wasn't a bird. I was convinced it is a kitten or cat in distress. I paced the parking lot for 10 minutes and each time I thought I got close to the sound it would stop. I was on my hands and knees looking under cars, in the bushes. I found the noise. It was a kitten the size of my palm (I am a small person so you can imagine how tiny this little guy was), and he was sitting on the tire of a parked car. When I lunged to grab him he dove inside of the tire. Now I definitely can't get him. I ran back in the office to get some type of food product to lure him out, when I turned around to walk back outside a guy was getting in the car that had the kitten in the tire! I raced outside screaming at him like a mad woman telling him not to start the car. The guy looked familiar. He was, in fact, my instructor Jeff from my MLS Paragon course from the other day!  What are the chances???  Jeff and I were on our hands and knees trying to get the cat out from the tire. I was reaching around the tire - getting grease all over myself. Jeff thought he should jack up the car and take the tire off. That was the trick. Once we did that the kitten jumped down. I went on a chase with this kitten for a few seconds. I rolled under the car and gently grabbed him by his back paw before he was about to jump up into the chassis of the car! He was saved! I gave Jeff a big hug - getting tire grease all over his white shirt. He was such a nice man to help me save this cat. Anyone else would have told me to take a hike. I went back in my office with the kitten and wrapped him in a little towel and waited for Animal Control which arrived 40 minutes later. The kitten was pretty dehydrated, frightened, and exhausted, but he fell asleep on me and purred and once in a while would open his eyes from his cat naps and look up at me with gratitude and some sadness. Since it was a Saturday I was the only one in the office. I sat there quietly by myself for 40 minutes with this kitten who's life I had saved. 40 minutes in silence holding a helpless animal put some things in perspective for me: 1) My job is not a Realtor. My job is to be a considerate, caring, compassionate individual and 2)  Timing in life is EVERYTHING! If I would have reacted a few moments later to the kitten's sound he probably would have been a goner.  If I would have reacted a few seconds too late to grab the kitten before he jumped back under the car, we never would have gotten him out. If it were someone else on floor duty that day and not me, the kitten wouldn't have been saved. I believe in coincidences. I believe in perfect timing. Things happen for a reason. That old saying being in the right place at the right time couldn't have been more true here.

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William German
NetWorks Real Estate LLC - Lacey, WA

Even though you may not have any traffic, you had one of the most exciting and busy day.  Wish you luck on your career.

Sep 28, 2009 02:49 PM
Mihaela Stoops
Aloha Realty Group - Lahaina, HI
REALTOR - Broker, Your Maui Real Estate Professional

Hi Julie!This was a great post!thanks for sharing with us. All the best, Mihaela

Sep 29, 2009 01:36 PM