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Commercial properties are the next wave to hit our sagging economy. There are Trillions worth of properties that will have balloons due, interest rate hikes, on top of the properties that are vacant, or non performing.

Bank cannot take on these expensive properties on top of the residential backlog of foreclosure.

Help is HERE!! I can offer to your commercial owners an opportunityt modify their loan, similar to residential, but much more direct. Commercial loans do not have the regulation to jump through and the banks are much more motivated to negotiate to keep the owners paying. Commercial properties have taken a huge hit to their value and CANNOT REFINANACE THEIR TERMS. This is a WIN WIN solution.

I am affiliates with the Top performing commercial loan restructuring firm in the country.

If you are yourself a commercial owner, contact me at my email to get a small application to complete, in 48 hours I will have an answer as to if your property type and terms of your loan qualifies. Then you proceed to the next step.

Commercial and Real Estate Agents - you can be the HERO for your clients who are stuck upside down with their properties. Anywhere is US qualifies, you can refer them to me, get their app reviewed, and if accepted, you earn a referral fee, and are the HERO to keeping your client in their property with better terms, so they can keep running their business. You will  get  referrals from being the HERO.


Contact me at for more info or an application.

941-756-4650 office

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Charles Perkins
Charles G. Perkins, CPA - Burien, WA

I was reading recently that IRS made some changes that allow for these commercial loan modifications.  I expect that there will be quite a few of these down the road.

Sep 29, 2009 02:09 PM