NC Auto Insurance Rate Decrease!

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NC Auto InsuranceWho would have thunk it?

We're finally getting lower auto insurance rates in North Carolina! Yipee!  So is this cause for celebration?  Not really.  The final negotiated rate reduction is 0.5%.  Yep, one half of one percent.  Kind of a downer, huh?

Cary, NC Auto InsuranceSo starting with policies renewing November 1st, you may see your North Carolina Auto Insurance rate come down, at least a little bit.  Did you catch that?  You rate MAY go down.  That's because the 0.5% reduction is an AVERAGE reduction.  Some might go up, some might go down.  Ugh, we can't catch a break here.

But that's not the good news anyway.  The really good news is that this rate reduction is RETROACTIVE back to January 1, 2009 meaning that if your insurance carrier decided to take a rate increase back then, you'll be getting a refund.

And that really is some good news.


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Its a great news!!! do you know what are the main factors which affect the rates of auto insurance? this link can guide u about the auto insurance rates

Oct 17, 2009 07:49 PM