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Why Use Video? 
8 years ago you might have asked, "Should video be used to sell real estate?" and 8 years ago you might've gotten a resounding "no" for an answer.
For a long time, the only real justification for producing video content in the real estate world was sheer novelty: moving pictures, along with pleasant music and narration, could attract more attention on the web by piquing curiosity.
But now, Internet Video is far more prevalent than ever before, and software developers everywhere are jumping on board by creating a variety of applications that allow videos to be played (and to be forwarded via MMS messaging--very important!) on smart phones. In other words, video is everywhere! And sellers are becoming increasingly aware of this technology: agents that are reluctant to employ video in their marketing effort may soon find that sellers are reluctant to employ them; instead, holding out for an agent who takes advantage of all available online marketing opportunities.
Here are 3 huge benefits you'll enjoy when you employ Internet Video:
1) You'll entertain your buyers; increase their interaction; and leave them wanting more!
2) With video, your call to action will have far more punch than any simple text or standalone image could ever possess.
3) Finally, with Knightyme Video Tours, your buyers will get a real feel for the layout of the home...giving them a true sense of what it's like to actually live there--which is exactly what you want them to imagine. And when you walk them through the home in person, it will be a "second showing" for them! (...in other words, a serious buyer!)
So, really the question is not "Why use video?"...it's more like "Why not?"

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Another benefit of Internet video is that there are absolutely no duplication costs normally associated with DVDs and other hard copy formats--which will save you money: once it's posted online, that's it--no more copying necessary! You'll also save money by not having to mail your videos around to anyone wishing to view them; instead, you'll simply forward the links to your videos online for free! Oh yeah, one more thing: your videos will remain active and available for anyone anywhere to see at any time! Talk about convenient!
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Printable instructions for Do-It-Yourself Knightyme Video Tours
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Live on the west coast? In another country? Doesn't matter! With this latest addition to our video tours all video tours are $50 and you won't have to worry about finding a local tour provider in your area ever again! Contact us instead! Plus, you'll receive your video tour in record time just as if you worked right next door to us!

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Comments (3)

Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching - Kingwood, TX
Business Coach, Husband, Father, and Dog Wrangler


Great post.  I think the reason no one used it 8 years ago was because the internet speed was just too slow.  I still have to be careful marketing video to rural areas just outside of Houston because there are still a lot of people on the land line.

Jeremy Williams
Keller Williams Realty NE
Kingwood, TX


Sep 29, 2009 09:27 AM
Matthew O'Shea
Prudential Ambassador Real Estate - Lincoln, NE
The O'Shea Group at Prudential - 402.310.5977 -

I agree Jeremy, the interent was too slow to really push videos. Now, videos are what set us apart from the rest! Virtual media or videos for marketing yourself and your properties are more effective, and really show your professionalism and dedication to your sellers/buyers/clients.

And the hardware out there is so simple to use. I purchased a Flip HD camera and love it! All I have to do is shoot what I want, edit, post it, and wait for comments and replies. Very simple, and very effective!

Sep 29, 2009 09:32 AM
Joshua Schaubach
ERA Matt Fischer Realtor - Yuma, AZ
e-Pro Your Yuma, AZ - Realtor Only a Call or Click Away!

great post i totally agree. people are visual and this gets that sense involved.

Sep 29, 2009 09:37 AM

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