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How do we avoid the common mistakes that keep us from reaching our goals and objectives?

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A new month is only days away and it's time for us to confirm our October Goals and review the results of Septembers activities. And sometimes, no matter how well you planned the month in advance, you just don't end up with the results you wanted.

Was the problem with the plan or the implementation of the plan? Your working business plan can help you determine the strategies you will implement to achieve your goals. But more often than not your "plan" becomes a list of unaccomplished tasks.

1. KISS: Keep it simple stupid! Create 3-4 primary (SMART) goals and objectives for the month. (Listing taken, Buyer control sale, Listings sold, etc.) Then commit to a strategy that will realistically create the opportunities to achieve those goals and objectives. (Don't set a goal to take 3 listings and then create strategies that focus 100% of your efforts on buyer activities.) Once you have the strategies figured out (and committed to) it's time to break them into action steps and get to work on those every day.

2. NO EXCUSES: Don't make excuses for why you can't complete a particular action step on your plan. If there is a will, there is a way. Your job is to find a way to complete the action steps regardless of the perceived obstacles that you could allow to stand in your way.

3. STAY FOCUSED: Don't get distracted by servicing tasks that can drain our work day of time and energy. Don't be so focused on the urgent you forget to do what is important.

4. JUST DO IT! Get properly motivated by creating a reward system that focuses your attention on the benefit of achieving your goals and objectives for the month. Eliminate the procrastination that cripples your daily plan and get going on the first step towards reaching your monthly goals and objectives.

Take time to decide what October goals and objectives are important to you and follow these steps to making them a reality.


Thought for today: Don't wait for your ship to come in...Swim out to it!

Have a productive week!
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