First Impressions count when selling a house in Bryan/College Station!

Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Beal, Inc.
Everyone knows that "first impressions count" when meeting new people, when interviewing for a job, really for doing just about anything!! Selling your house also falls into that cliche. The market has spawned a buyer that has the opportunity to be very picky and they are unforgiving! To be able to stand out from all the rest, sellers are being forced to pay closer attention to detail and make sure their I's are dotted and their T's are crossed. What should sellers do to give that first impression that will hold buyer's attention long enough for them to see the true value of their home?
  • Touch up paint on windows, trim and doors is a must do project
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • Clean masonry & porches
  • Use landscape lights on side walks and driveways
  • Keep gutters and downspouts in good condition and cleaned out. Ensure downspouts direct water away from the foundation
  • Use seasonal flags and plants for decoration
  • Keep grass mowed and edging trimmed
  • Cut overhanging branches away from the house, this helps with inspections also
When selling your home in Bryan/College Station, Tx. make sure you pay close attention to details. Even the smallest oversight can turn that buyer around and lead them out the door to another house. Hire a professional, like the agents at Century 21 Beal, Inc. to provide you with the advice to maximize your chances of selling your home. The Bryan real estate market and the College Station real estate market has changed with most other markets, and sellers need to reevaluate their strategy for selling. The first time home buyer is very frugal and wants a good deal when purchasing real estate. You can't blame him - I am looking for a good deal too! Joey Condon - Rock Solid Real Estate

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