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What is the most productive thing you did yesterday?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Real Living GreatWest

Was it a proactive step taken as part of your action plan or a reaction to something that happened in your business?


What's even more important is what are you going to do today?


Fall is finally in the air. September is coming to an end, and it's time to set our goals for October and for the final quarter of 2009. (How do these goals and objectives fit into your overall 2009 goals and objectives?) Please take time to review your September actual production and determine what major change or minor adjustment is necessary to help you reach your October goals.


Now that the market is stabilizing you need an outstanding listing presentation that will help you compete and win in the highly competitive real estate business of today. Join us this Friday at 1:00PM EST for a new program, "How to Create and Deliver an Outstanding Listing Presentation". Guaranteed to help you improve your listing presentation skills.


You will be receiving an Internet survey with questions about how we can improve All Star Coaching. Please help me by taking a few minutes to complete and return this survey. You honest feedback will help us deliver a better coaching experience for you.


Don't forget to spend at least one third of your day prospecting for new business TODAY.


Thought for today: A goal properly set is almost reached.


Have a productive day!

 GreatWest GMAC

If you have any questions please contact Brodie Stephens or Sami Siddiqui at www.localhomelink.com


Source Bill Fields Learning Systems