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The next level of clean

Aside from the necessary intrusions, the most inconvenient aspect of having your house on the market may well be keeping the house in showing condition.

Making a good impression on buyers is very important. It's not a huge leap for a potential buyer to equate a cluttered or dirty house with poor maintenance of the overall structure, systems, and appliances. Whether accurate or not, this can or result in a lower offer than the home might otherwise bring ... or worse, discourage an offer altogether.

Getting rid of clutter and keeping up with the constant cleaning can be a full-time job, so it helps to get help from everyone in the family. Even if you are neat and organized and keep a clean home, showing condition is another level. Keeping the house at such a level can be overwhelming. It may even benefit you to hire a short-term professional service to help ease your burden.

Some buyers may call for last-minute appointments to see your home. If it has gotten too messy, you may find that you simply can't spend the time to get it ready for a showing.

If you do find out you've only got a few minutes and it looks like a West Texas wind storm just swept through your house, pick up what you can and stow it somewhere-the trunk of your car, the washer and dryer, maybe even the dishwasher. Sure, they may take a peek inside your appliances, especially if they're conveying with the sale, but there's also a good chance they won't and your secret will remain safe.

You may even rent a storage space for your old furniture and other large or off-season items.

Keeping your house in prime condition when it's on the market is tough, but many hands make light work. Don't neglect this important part of selling your home-it may make a huge difference and considerably shorten the process. CONTACT  TIFFANY SHARKEY AND TONYA PEEK FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS 972-977-2254.


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