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Sometimes, I'm actually amazed by showing restrictions

I am primarily a listing agent, and certainly understand there are times when restrictions are necessary due to special circumstances such as a baby, home schooling, elderly or sick occupants, etc. However, if a home is difficult is to show, you may find that your pool of buyers is considerably smaller, simply due to scheduling conflicts or incompatibilities.

Real life example: One morning, I was scheduling showings for a couple of potential buyers. I selected the properties and called the showing service to set up times to show them. For one vacant property, I was told the seller requires a 48-hour notice and a 30-minute showing window for all appointments! Unfortunately, this did not fit in with my buyers' schedules and I had to pass on showing it to them.

If you're selling your home and you require advanced notice, ask your agent to put the restriction and reason in the private remarks section of MLS. Most people are very understanding and will accommodate your needs.

Also, allowing for only a 30-minute showing window is probably not sufficient. Keep in mind that your home may be the fifth showing of the day for a particular buyer. Because the amount of time a buyer spends at a property varies with his interest, it's very difficult to plan around a 30-minute window.

This is not just about sellers, either. Buyers must also understand that it's not always possible to show a home at the last minute. Routes need to be set up and showings scheduled in advance.

A little planning and courtesy can go a long way for both sides of the transaction! CONTACT TIFFANY SHARKEY AND TONYA PEEK 972-977-2254 TO LIST AND SELL YOUR HOME !!!!

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