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When your house is on the market, it's important to be flexible with your showing times. Part of that flexibility is having the capacity to disappear when an agent brings potential buyers to look at your house-it's just better if you can leave the house while prospective buyers browse.

You want the buyers to feel comfortable in the house. No matter how accommodating you are, most people will feel like they're intruding on your privacy if you are present when they are trying to evaluate your home and compare it to the others they've seen. Because of this, they're less likely to linger, less likely to look around as thoroughly, and less receptive toward viewing your home overall.

After they're done, they may also tell you how much they love the house, even if they can't stand it. They're not going to openly discuss things they don't like as they would if it were just them and their agent ... they don't want to offend you.

It's to your advantage to have an escape plan-visit the ice cream shop, take the kids to the local park, walk through the neighborhood, visit a friend ... you get the idea.

Of course, it's not always possible to leave, so if you absolutely must stay, do your best to be out of they way. Find one area of the house-do not move from room to room. You may also face questions from the homebuyer ... if so, answer them, but it's inadvisable to volunteer any information.

Don't think that you're doing yourself any favors by sticking around ... you're not. For more advice on selling your home, talk to TIFFANY SHARKEY AND TONYA PEEK TODAY 214-356-4472.

Theodora Wu
TJ Investments - Burien, WA

Very good advice. I know when salesman gives me space to talk and think they are more likely to sell me.  I think we all tend to like a little space.

Sep 30, 2009 07:17 PM