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Landscaping counts

When you're selling your house, you obviously want it to stand out. A reasonably easy and relatively inexpensive way to accomplish this may be to invest a little work in the landscaping and the yard.

We're not talking about a major horticultural overhaul, although studies show that such work does add value to the home. We're talking about simply adding some color and making the outside of the house much more attractive and memorable. Strategically placed plants and flowers can really enhance your property's appearance. Also, if it's not overdone, a well-maintained yard and garden appear to require less maintenance than an unkempt or overgrown one.

A visit to your local nursery will be of great help. There are lots of affordable options, and spending just a few dollars can really increase the visibility of your home. A small crop of annuals is an affordable way to add instant color, which naturally attract the eye. The staff at local nurseries is usually well-schooled in local soils and conditions and should be able to guide you in your purchase.

Here's something to remember-you can plant the flowers or plants in the ground, but if you do, it's assumed that they're going to convey to the buyer. If you use planters or pots, they can go with you to your new place.

Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Simply pruning bushes and cutting back overgrown trees can make a huge difference. If you've got some old shrubs, it may benefit you to remove them.

Something about curb appeal that is often overlooked is that it's not always about attracting attention-rather, sometimes it's about diverting eyes from a less-desirable feature, like a chain link fence, or the area where you store your trash can. Shrubbery or climbing plants provide an easy way to minimize something unsightly that may otherwise cause buyers to hesitate.

As a seller, you may have difficulty seeing your home through a buyer's eyes. When you list your home, ask your Texas REALTORS TIFFANY SHARKEY AND TONYA PEEK 214-356-4472  to evaluate your property's curb appeal. Tiffany and Tonya will have suggestions and advice to make your home more marketable.

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Theodora Wu
TJ Investments - Burien, WA

Great suggestion.  I agree if two homes were priced comparably and one had better landscaping it would probably sell first.

Sep 30, 2009 07:22 PM