Door Mats That Add Welcome To Front Entrance

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Isn't it wonderful when you visit some people's homes and you feel instantly transported to a place of welcome and enjoyment, and when you leave you are inspired about how the home made you feel.   

By surrounding our homes with what is beautiful really pays off when you are selling your home, because your guests the buyers who visit will be welcomed by a home that is filled with your intention of establishing beauty and style. Almost everyone loves it when a person's intention to please others is evident.  Honing in on welcoming guests at your front door is a great way to bring welcome to your home and sets the tone for what lies ahead. Here are some great welcoming ways to put your best foot forward for how your home looks and making your guests feel welcome at the front door.


Your entrance is one of the first areas that will give your visitors a suitable impression of you and your home.  One of the tasks that I recommend when providing a staging consultation to home sellers is to add a welcome mat should they not have one at the front door to add a welcoming touch when buyers are entering their home.


I make this recommendation depending on how ragged or dirty the mat is or if the mat is deeply stained or you can't see the picture or words.   If the welcome mat has noticeable holes or tears in it then you would want to replace with something new.  The front welcome mat is what people see first and a nice looking welcome mat that is gender neutral and not to fussy is what I usually tell people is acceptable.


You could always put the old one in your basement if it's unfinished, or in a shed or garage. You can also use it in a dog house if it's soft, or clean it one time and use it as a knee pad when gardening.  If  it is a flat rubber mat you can put it under a cat litter box, or under a piece of something heavy in the attic. The possibilities are endless.  You can pick up any of these items at


If your family gets particularly dirty feet you can make your welcome mat last longer by getting one of those shoe brushes shaped like animals, with bristles on their back. These will clean out mud, dirt, and snow from boots so it doesn't all have to be wiped onto the welcome mat.

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John Rakoci
Eagle Realty - North Myrtle Beach, SC
North Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolinas

It is surprising how often the doormat is overlooked. If it is unkept or shabby the impression is the rest of the home is too. The impression lasts. If the inside is neat and clean the question is still there.

Oct 01, 2009 07:18 AM