Keeping your online presence manageable and in step - part 2 of 3

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It’s important that we aren’t just blowing our own horn all the time. When we participate through conversation in communities like Active Rain we’re not only creating relationship with each other, we’re building a rapport with the search engines. Our relevance on line is greatly influenced by others chiming in about us.

In part one... keeping-your-online-presence-manageable-and-in-step-part-1 

we talked about the ubiquitous way of social media marketing. Here in part two we’ll continue this line of inquiry and talk about how the dynamics of group can bolster your ranking.

There’s power in numbers!

Simply put, search engines like Google are robots that crawl the web to find all public content. Remember the search engine isn’t ‘the’ content but the device that finds and organizes it.

Google Spider Pictures, Images and Photos

Search engines have three component parts. First the spider reads the public page and follows the internal links. Second, it collects, organizes, and indexes what it finds. Third, it sifts through what it has indexed and compares everything to everything else to formulate the (super secret black box) guidelines of ranking so it can decide how relevant your content is to the topic. With all that content on the web, these three things can take a while and until it’s in the index it’s not searchable.

StepRep MyFrontSteps

This is where a program like StepRep comes into play. Like a spider, StepRep continuously searches the net for content that includes us, is about us, or was created by us. With a little first hand feedback to its findings we proactively speed up the indexing process. We’re influencing the robot. We also affirm that the content was indeed us and by this we help reinforce our reputation, authority, and our digital footprint.


Speaking of authority, one of the truly important features in StepRep is the ability to trust others and to be trusted. What are we doing? We’re creating an affiliated association of people (colleagues, clients, contractors, servicers) that are declaring that you are who you say you are and they trust what you say. This is a reciprocal relationship for everyone who participates.


Use the Trust Network area of StepRep to build your network. Notice the right hand column is where you add experts to your trusted list and where you invite others to join you. This relatedness gets very large very quickly. Everyone is the center of their own trust group and by associating with you they share their acquired authority with you via those who trust them. StepRep is providing you with a very dynamic source of linkage and it’s making sure the search engines know about it.  


Here on the Rain we blog and comment back and forth with each other all the time. We know we get a lot of ‘Google Juice’  from it. StepRep works well and in concert with this kind of participation.


Blow your own horn

Again, it’s important that we aren’t just blowing our own horn all the time. Part of the search engine algorithm for ranking has a lot to do with our associations and groups. Your StepRep affiliations are your supporters and tell the index that you are the bona fide genuine sincere source in this conversation and they hold you in high regard. That’s big time added weight!

Stay tuned for part three... Welcome to my internet buffet.

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