The Life of a Soccer Mom/Home Stager

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SoccerWhile this has nothing to do with staging, directly, it is sometimes interesting to consider the path my life has taken. While my passion is working on making homes feel warm, comforting, and welcoming as a stager, I am also a Brooklyn Park MN soccer mom. I can say with pride I drive a mini-van, tote kids and equipment everywhere and never seem to have enough time between practices, games and volunteer hours to get my stuff done. There is a certain thrill that accompanies this routine though, and being a home stager definitely has its perks too! When I'm not freezing at a fall game here in the Twin Cities, I am able to balance home life with work life. How lucky am I!? I also have the benefit of being able to bring my decorating magazines along with me as I sit on the sidelines and cheer for whatever color jersey my kids happen to be wearing that day.

Last night I realized the depth of this commitment as a soccer parent. It was cold and raining hard all evening. I worked in the concession stands during the varsity soccer game - (that was the volunteering part) - and watched as cold parents, huddled under their umbrellas, came to support their players. The weather was horrible, and the kids in their jerseys and shorts played their hearts out in the freezing cold rain. Am I insane knowing that in a few years, my son will be required to play in this type of weather? And that I will be one of those poor parents who faithfully attends the game - no matter what?

Reality is yes. My job may in some small way contribute to the feeling of HOME for other sport-supporting parents. Being a soccer mom requires fortitude and endurance. It's got an element of excitement.  It is my life - at least for the next 7 years or so.  And I guess that's okay. I am, after all, a soccer mom.

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