Seeing Is Believing

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Seeing Is Believing
People usually structure a picture in their minds when it something that quite memorable; however, Kiva Systems who develops robotic solutions for distribution and order fulfillment believes that people won't be able to effectively visualize their product until they see it in action.

Instead of flying people to their distribution center which is considered remote, the fastest way for customers to effectively visualize their product is to use video.

Kiva found that there was no incremental cost to sending video through email and very little labor plus they could easily track the data which then could be used to increase sales.
Real Estate Video is a tool that can be used to:

  •   Identify target customers ( Customers who want to see the home AFTER they have seen the video)
  • Disqualify bad leads  (Customers who are not interested after seeing the layout so this saves time and gas)
  • Use analytics to track viewers ( Tracking how many viewers are watching the video)

So next time you want to save gas, save time for your customer's and others- consider having a video.

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Printable instructions for Do-It-Yourself Knightyme Video Tours
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Live on the west coast? In another country? Doesn't matter! With this latest addition to our video tours all video tours are $50 and you won't have to worry about finding a local tour provider in your area ever again! Contact us instead! Plus, you'll receive your video tour in record time just as if you worked right next door to us!

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