When it comes to Staging; Some Agents Get It - Some Don't

Home Stager with Bliss redesigns

Coming from an Agent, I really appreciate your VOICE on STAGING!

Stagers are constantly trying to convince Real Estate Agents that we are a necessary marketing tool to help prepare your listing for the market.

Staging transforms homes to their fullest potential which helps buyers envision themselves living in the space.  It captivates buyers wanting that property.  This is a benefit to both the seller and the Real Estate Agent.

Not to mention, although heard of many many times...but I will say it again:

Staging creates impressive listing photos - Agents do you not want to grab your audience?

Staging helps your listings move faster - Agents do you not want to make more money, or would you rather spend the money marketing month after month on a weak listing?

Staging takes care of your clients mess, clutter, awful choice of decor, odor issues - Agents wouldn't you rather have a Stager bring up the sensitive issues? Or do you take the chance on the matter and jeopardize your relationship?

Stagers take care of getting the house "show home" ready for Open House - Agents would you rather take the time and energy away from your real duties and go fluff up the pillows and make sure the pets are dealt with?

Staging shouldn't be about the money or whether who pays.  If the Client (seller) needs the service, then they should pay.  As it is no different then all the other costs associated with selling a home ie, home inspector, lawyer...

But what is nice is when a Real Estate Agent can suggest the use of a Stager because it shows that you believe in the benefit it has for not only your client but for your business.


Carrie - Bliss reDesigns, Vernon, BC Canada


Carrie Basso-Semeschuk


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