Texas state constitutional amendments up for vote November 3rd!!!

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 One of several Texas state constitutional amendments coming up for a vote on November 3rd involves Eminent Domain Restrictions. This amendment would restrict the state's ability to take private property for public use unless it is for a specific use or purpose. It also excludes eminent domain authority when it is considered for the purposes of economic development or increasing tax revenue.

People in favor of the amendment say it will enhance state law and and clarify it for the courts that rule on eminent domain. They also say it will close a loop hole allowing entities to take well maintained properties due to surrounding poorly maintained ones.

People against the amendment say that the law already addressed these issues and the courts need more time to address the issues before permanent changes are made to the constitution.

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As real estate professionals we should take it upon ourselves to educate our clients as to the importance of getting out to vote on these important and soon to be permanent constitutional amendments.                                                                                             


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Mick Michaud
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I was the builder chosen by Logan Darrow Clements to build the "Lost Liberty Hotel" in Weare, New Hampshire in protest to Justice Souter's (and the Supreme court's) decision in the Kelo case that triggered this eminent domain stupidity.

If we don't fight this everywhere we can, then there will not be any right of property ownership.  We will have the "privelege" of paying taxes on rental property from the state.

If we as American's don't wake up to this fact, we're doomed as a free people.

Here's an excerpt from an article that was written in the LA Times about this:

At the Weare Town Hall on Saturday, Clements began two days of Lost Liberty rallies and door-to-door information sessions by unveiling an architectural rendering that showed how Souter's dark-brown farmhouse could be incorporated into a larger resort. Mike Michaud -- who made his first trip to New Hampshire from Bonham, Texas, after hearing about the project on talk radio -- said he would be willing to lend his skills as a builder if the project took off.

"I would like to build it as a protest," said Michaud, who stood out in Weare in his beige ostrich-leather cowboy boots. "But ultimately I don't want to build this at all. This is the ultimate in civic protest -- using the ruling to protest the ruling."

The full story is here:

 A Door-to Door Bid to Single Out Justice

Oct 03, 2009 05:56 PM
David Mieth
Exit IH-10 Realty - San Antonio, TX

Thanks Mike for passing this along. It is important for people to get out to vote and protect their rights as property owners. I appreciate your input.

Oct 04, 2009 03:48 AM