Blastoff: The Social Shopping Revolution.

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Blastoff is a free customizable portal to the Internet, which integrates: entertainment, social media and shopping. Simply put, through the Blastoff Homepage, it’s members are able to do many of the things they are already doing online but with the added value of receiving cash back for all purchases, amazingly, members also get commissions for the purchases of the network of friends they help bring into the portal, opening up an opportunity for it’s users to generate wealth. For this, Blastoff has already put in place partnerships with all major online retailers (more than 400), which have already been tested in the pre-launch stage. Blastoff’s Homepage has 4 main areas, or panels.

The Header is a launch pad into all the shopping options, like the General Mall, the Travel Shopping area, Mobile Devices shopping section, Home Services comparison-shopping, and intriguingly, the Legal Help shopping section. From the header you also have access to all the necessary tools to monitor and grow your network’s development. But from here on is when Blastoff really gets fun. Scrolling down the remaining panels you’ll see, all customizable sections of: News and Blogging, Video and Music, Video Games, and more importantly, the social media section into which you can import your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and more.

Added to this is the capability for the user to customize the look of the Blastoff Homepage through a wide array of panel themes, backgrounds and colors that truly set the website apart esthetically from everything that is currently out there. And the other feature that has people bussing is the fact that Teenagers will be able to join Blastoff at age 13 and the money they generate from their network, and god knows how big their digital networks are, will be put into a 529 college fund that they will be able to claim at age 18, when they become legally responsible.

As advertised in Blastoff’s own marketing videos, they are set for an explosive growth perhaps even faster and bigger that the one experienced by Facebook, or Twitter. Blastoff’s Public Pre-Launch phase is set to begin on Oct 12, 2009, through a strategic and exclusive partnership, with Pre-paid Legal Services. Oh wait? Now I know why you got that Legal Help link on the top of the website.

By Moises Szarf

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Pre-Paid Legal Associate.

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