How Should Decision Makers Go About Securing Space For Their Business Operations?

Commercial Real Estate Agent with GILES COMMERCIAL REALTY GROUP

Have you ever had to secure commercial real estate (office space, r & d space, industrial property) to house your company's business operations?

For any business owner or executive that does not have commercial real estate expertise available in-house, this process can be more complicated and far more time consuming and frustrating than they originally contemplated.

The pace of business today is more hectic than ever and the demands placed on the time of most business owners and executives to manage their business successfully, have increased accordingly.

Facilities or Real Estate is typically the second largest expense for most businesses after payroll.

What will YOU do when it is time for your company to lease or purchase commercial real estate?

It's a well accepted premise that the most successful business managers practice effective time management.

Does the business owner / executive who is focused on running their business really have the extra time (or want to spend the extra time) to themselves perform the tasks required in order to ensure that the commercial real estate needs of the business operations are being met in the most efficient and cost-effective way?

Obtaining non-biased market research, spending hours online searching through incomplete or out-of-date databases / advertising sites that only show a small portion of the actual market, calling brokers for information (that usually represent the landlord or property owner with whom you will be negotiating), scheduling property tours, analyzing and comparing properties, negotiating terms and agreements, finding qualified move-related or facility-related resources, etc., can all be challenging and time consuming distractions from a business operator's already busy schedule.

It's a fact that most business owners and non-real estate executives are only involved in commercial real estate transactions intermittently, every few years or so.

Doesn't it make perfect sense to leverage the skills, expertise and resources of a highly competent professional who is engaged in commercial real estate negotiations and transactions on a full-time, daily basis? Especially when acquisition services are typically rendered at no cost to our clients, as leasing and sale fees are customarily paid by landlords and sellers.


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