CHAOS to FREEDOM in T-30 minutes

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Let me ask you a question… “Do you find yourself saying “if only I had the time I would…” or my favorite “if I could only stop time and catch up and…”

NEWS FLASH:  You will never “have” the time and you will never be able to stop time and catch up. We are so incredibly programmed by our habit and behavior that we’re unlikely break this cycle anytime soon unless we have a Earth Shattering Life Changing Experience.

Well, let me shine some light on this bad news. It’s not so bad at all. With a little effort and sweat you can work around it. Even if your life is crazy, upside down, and missing parts. Forget about getting your ducks in a row.

All you need is 30 minutes. The hurdle will be getting past the 21 day mark. Studies have revealed that once we do it for more than 21 days they have a better chance of becoming part of our lives.

So, Start by a 30 minute appointment with yourself. Where do you get this 30 minutes.  That’s easy. Where are spinning your wheels. That is the first place to look. If all your doing is spinning and not gettin anywhere, spend less time at it.

If you have a TV show you watch, Record it. The hour you would spend watching it spend on yourself and then just watch the show without the commercials, which is about 30 minutes.

That 30 minutes could be…

…. The book you have always wanted to write

…. The Volunteer you have wanted to be

…. The Creative side of YOU!

…. You fill it in ______________________

All you have to do is start, 30 minutes a day and you know you can find it. Stop making excuses, looking for places to hide, and stop embracing the chaos. CHANGE!


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Jenny Durling
L.A. Property Solutions - Los Angeles, CA
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It does seems like the older I get the less time there is in a day, a month, a year.  Times just seems to fly by!  I've decided that I have to schedule my time for myself or with my spouse or friends like I would schedule an appointment with a client. That way I'm SURE to have time for the things I want to do.

Oct 06, 2009 03:33 AM