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Take an impromptu visit

When you begin narrowing your selection or you find that you've fallen head-over-heels in love with a certain house, visit the neighborhood in the evening or on a weekend.

Take a casual stroll around the block, observing other houses in the area. Are they well kept? How many have for-sale signs out front?

Talk to the people who live in the area. These are not only the people most familiar with the area, but also your potential neighbors.

Take a test drive from the house to your workplace during rush hours to get a feel for traffic. Note how far it is to schools, parks, theaters, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Once you find out if you will be comfortable living in the house, you'll be much more comfortable buying it.CONTACT TIFFANY SHARKEY OR TONYA PEEK AT 972-977-2254 FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE QUESTIONS.

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