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Drive-up appeal

While your home may be amazing on the inside, it won't help if you can't get a buyer through the front door. The most effective method for attracting buyers is to enhance your property's drive-up appeal. This is a prospective buyer's first impression of your home. Whether you are looking to sell or just want to spruce up your largest investment, here are four quick and easy projects to upgrade your Prosper or Frisco home and yard ...

Trim the edges. When walks and driveways lose their edge, creating a first impression of neglect, it's time to bring out the hand or power edger to cut back the grass. Creating a stark contrast between the sidewalk and the yard will give your property a well-manicured look.

Seal the driveway. Typically, a large portion of your property is the driveway, and a smooth black driveway can make the whole house look new. If your home's driveway is gray and weathered, consider recoating it with an asphalt sealer.

Clean out the gutters. Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, etc., cause water to leak out and stain the siding. This can definitely cause a home to look older than it actually is. Remove debris - leaves, twigs, pine needles, mud, gum wrappers, dandelion fuzz - at least three times a year.

Wash it. Clean away the dirt with a pressure washer. You can either rent one or buy one. A good pressure wash can take years off your home.CONTACT TIFFANY SHARKEY OR TONYA PEEK 214-356-4472 FOR MORE DRIVE UP APPEAL TIPS.


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Dave Humphrey, Broker
RE/MAX Marketplace - Celebration, FL
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I have a lsiting that would be so much enhanced, but she just does not listen when I tell her to go to Lowes and buy two medium pots with colorful flowers to add a splash of color to the entrance. It can be frustrating dealing with these issues.

Oct 06, 2009 09:55 PM