Halloween can mean joy for your busy borrowers and be less scary too!

Services for Real Estate Pros with "A Quick Note" ...in Tennessee! Expires May 16, 2023

     Another "hurry up and wait" month on tap for the end of October.  September saw families readjusting to the school year as it always does and very little business being conducted.  Although, with the dip in Mortgage Rates seen at the end of the month, applications for a new mortgage skyrocketed.  Typically, these fluctuations in the mortgage application rate mean a squall of loan signing business for us at about six weeks after the application blip.  Many lenders have gotten better with the 30 day turnaround while utilizing their "skeleton crews" [appropriate for October huh?] to produce the deals for signatures.

     Hopefully, the phone will begin to ring sooner than Halloween night.  Invariably, mortgage brokers and Loan Officers alike, ratchet up the pressure only with a "month-end" deadline looming.  I know of no rule that requires deals be signed during the last three business days of the month.  Yet, seemingly like clockwork, that is when our phones ring off the hook!  Experienced Brokers seem to have deals closing at all times of the month.  They also value the role of a Notary Signing Agent in guiding their borrowers through a process that can seem overwhelming and keeping their deal from going sideways at the table.  Choosing an Experienced, Ethical and Professional Notary Signing Agent seems more important than ever.

     "A Quick Note" is a Certified Loan Signing Agent doing business across six Southern California counties, based in Lake Forest, in the heart of Orange County.  We are familiar with all types of paper, having completed over 6,000 Loan Signings since 2002.  During the downward trend of the Southern California mortgage business over the last two years, we diversified our services to include: Service of Process, Messenger and Errand Services as well as Photo/Occupancy inspections.  A huge believer in technology, we are GPS guided to all locations and have on-board wireless for [Am-Trust and other] E-Signings and prompt communication for next-stop instructions.  Please visit and bookmark our website and be sure to follow us on Twitter! 


"A Quick Note"



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