Anyone want to be a California REO listing agent??

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Hello everyone,

     Let me first thank all of you gracious agents and brokers who have offered up some really good advice to questions I posted in my past blogs. Most of which has been very helpfull in gettting me over certain humps and continue to grow in this business. So now I am in the fortunate position of being able to offer some back to you guys.

       Just a short history before I continue. I received my real estate license in late 2006 while I was a full time Firefighter. As a part time real estate agent I began doing mass amounts of BPO's for extra spending cash. Well these BPO's became the catalist for the REO's listings. So before I knew what was happening, I was being asked by several banks and asset management companies to list and sell their properties... of coarse the answer was yes! and the next thing I knew I was 50+ properties deep. The short end to this story is now I have my brokers license, took an early retirement from F.D. and have two offices in NorCal.

      This is not an attempt to brag, but I do want averyone who reads this to know that this is genuine. I also want to make a point of the fact that when I first became an agent, I joined a very well known real estate franchise thinking that I would get the best training and recognition. I found this to be exactly the opposite, I learned everything on my own and still had to give large portions of my checks to the Broker, "for what!" Im thinking.  Anyhow it is my turn to give what I expected this buisness to be when I came into it. I expected agents to share their tricks of the trade, swap resources, and brokers would teach how they acheved success and cultivate little future brokers.

      So here it is!! I have continued to expand my reputation and contacts with a multitude of banks, asset management firms and investment firms all over the country. I have more than I can ever handel by myself, I am offering to train interested agents/brokers to manage REO contacts and listings OF THEIR OWN! This is NOT a referal or lead list, I am offering the real deal!  Some of you who have never done this before may be thinking "thats easy" but I promise you, it's not. I will also be very upfront about one more thing, the "REO game" is not for everyone. It requires very long hours, extreme organization skills to the point of OCD, and exceptional communication skills with a lot of humility and if thats not enough you will need fair amount of cash reserves to cover all the expenses. I am offering a turn key REO office to intereste and qualified agents/brokers. Why do I say "qualified"? Because all of these asset managers know my name and reputation I am opening my contact book and staking my name on it!

 There are a few areas in particular of Califrnia that certain banks have expressed intrest in needing more agent/broker coverage. In the near future we may consider expanding to Las Vegas and Florida.

San Jose, Stockton, Fresno, Sacramento, Riverside, Victorville, San Bernadino, and Fontana.

These are the primary areas that are expected to be hit very hard during this next wave. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions. I will be asking for a short resume from anyone interested in this, again my name will be on the line.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you all.


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