The Cold Is Here! 12 Easy Winterizing Tips.

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The temperatures are definitely dropping and the snow is not far behind ( I hope).

Follow these Home Winterizing Tips.

Winter Birdhouse in Garden Valley

  1. Everything and anything that is sitting outside must be stored away. Otherwise, make a map of it’s location in case you need to dig it out from under the snow.
  2. Disconnect hoses from all hose bibs and bury hydrants.
  3. Blow out sprinklers
  4. Stack a weeks worth of firewood in close proximity to the house. Keep the bulk of your firewood away from the siding and out from under overhangs of your home. Stacked wood can attract insects and rodents.
  5. Clean your chimney
  6. Ask Marsha, at the Trading Post, when she expects her next order of grain scoops. Garden Valley snow shovelThey are the best shovels for our snow type. Buy one now before the rush.
  7. Mount snow removal attachments on trucks and tractors or contract with a local snow removal service.
  8. Reverse ceiling fans. They should rotate clockwise for winter.
  9. Close foundation vents
  10. Insulate any pipes that may be exposed or that are running through unheated spaces in the house.
  11. Check batteries in smoke detectors.
  12. Prune away any tree branches or shrubs that will get in the way of shovel.

Bonus Tip!

Get out the snow shoes and the sunscreen!


Enjoy the beautiful garden valley winter.

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