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Do you have knowledge or know-how?

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Do you know the difference? You should. It can frequently be the difference between success and failure!


The word know-how does not mean knowing how to do something-that's activity knowledge. There are lot's of people in our industry who have knowledge but are starving to death. Know-how is doing that activity the right way, with skill and effectiveness, and with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. When you have know-how, you can do that activity successfully again and again. It's becomes a habit, and it comes naturally from experience. Know-how is one of the essential ingredients in building yourself a success system that never fails.


Know-how is the quality that enables you to do something at will, to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Know-how gets things done while other people are wondering if it can be done. Know-how built the pyramids of Egypt and the great cathedrals of the world; it harnessed electricity, split the atom; and put a man on the moon. And it can bring you all of the success and happiness you desire. 


But how do you get know-how? You don't! You must develop know-how? How you you develop know-how?


Only by doing. Know-how is something you accumulate from experience.


That's the way every consistent peak performer develops the know-how necessary to successfully sell real estate. In fact, that's the way everyone develops know-how. The experience must be your own. When you have it, you'll know it-and you'll be able to feel the power.


A friendly reminder that the All Star Coaching team and I are going to Italy from October 10th to the 18th. Your session will be posted on-line in the All Star Coaching session library at http://www.allstarcoaching.net/. We will be communicating via email and I will be working each day, so feel free to contact me with items I can assist you with.


Don't forget to remind yourself everyday, "No excuse is a good excuse!"


Thought for today: It's not what you know...it's what you do that makes a difference! (Know-how versus Knowledge)


Have a productive day!

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Amy O'Laughlin
Broken Arrow, OK

Good post, Brodie- it makes perfect sense!  Is there a website to direct people to, though, who don't have it, so they can get it? ;)

Oct 07, 2009 10:29 AM
Klaus Nicholson
ROSE ANNE ERICKSON REALTY, LLC. Columbus Ga, Ft Benning, - Columbus, GA
Realtor, Columbus Ga Homes, Fort Benning Homes

Hello Brodie,  Every time I think I have enough in stock, I run out.  So I continue to visit AR to restock.   Have a good morning.


Oct 08, 2009 02:26 AM