Sonoran Property Inspections- Interesting picture from a Phoenix Home Inspection

Home Inspector with Sonoran Property Inspections LLC

Sonoran Property Inspections was doing a Phoenix Home Inspection and it was on a older home. The was in good condition and someone had done a good job on maintaining it and also updating it. We discovered some compelling reasons why you as an Owner AND an Agent would benefit form a quality in depth home inspection. Take a look below:



We actually discovered this while walking on the roof, then we did a further investigation in the attic. The fix is a very easy one to do and doesn't have to be a scary thing at all for your home owner to hear, the point is that this stuff needs to be looked at and by someone who cares enough about doing a quality inspection. I can assure you we take all our Phoenix home inspections very seriously and we take pride in not only finding this kind of stuff but in the way we communicate to the owner what it is and why it is there. We educate the owner as much as investigate the home. 


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