One Down & Two To Go.

Real Estate Agent with Prudential Florida WCI Realty

My first short sale was approved today!  It's one of three in the same townhouse complex.  Can't wait to see if the other two are approved.

During the process of getting my sellers to get their information together in a timely manner and working with the short sale negotator, I thought I would NEVER do another short sale.  Of course, you know, first time  always takes longer, is frustating and you get aggrevated because there is a never ending list of things that are needed.  You think it will never end so you can get to the negotating process. 
Mostly all of the frustration & aggravation caused by my inexperience with short sales.

But, we made it and it was all worth it.  My sellers are estatic, which is the most rewarding thing for me.  The rush is on to find them a place to live.  The delicate execution of finding, committing - yet, careful to bring the closing of the short sale & the new living quarters together simultaniouly without any undue expense & stress to my sellers.




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