Sequim, Washington: Reverse Mortgage helps widow avoid foreclosure.

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Mary’s husband passed away a couple of years ago and Mary’s life, as she had known it, suddenly changed. The household income was cut by more than half and her responsibility to maintain her life more than doubled. Mary struggled to make the mortgage payments with her single income for two years and even came up short on the property taxes over the last two years. When Mary and I meet she had about a month left before she was going to lose her home.

It was hard to believe but she was about to let her home go and was about to walk away from over $100,000 in equity. See owed $110,000 on her home that was worth about $230,000 and was going to just let the bank have it or file bankruptcy. Mary had just turned 62 which is the first requirement for a Reverse mortgage. She also had a lot of equity in her home, which is the second requirement. After her mandatory counseling session, appraisal, and a lot of behind the scenes processing, we were able to close her new reverse mortgage.

We paid off all the back taxes, 9 months of mortgage payments, late fees, attorney fees, loan fees, and Mary still walked away with $1,500 in cash. She received an FHA fixed reverse at 5.65%. When Mary called to thank me after signing loan documents I sensed tears when she could not describe in words the burden that had been lifted. She was able to keep her home and focus on her full time job of helping others. Sunset

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Sherry Siegel, Managing Broker, EcoBroker, ABR
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This, for me, is what it's all about! Arthur, thanks so much for sharing the story. I think we all feel good about getting people into the home they want. Then along comes hardship, they don't know where to turn...but you got the chance to turn it around for her. WAY TO GO!

Oct 08, 2009 07:33 PM