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I was at a home inspection today, and I got a parking ticket.  This would definitely not be my first ticket, parking or otherwise, but it is my first ticket while 'on duty'.  OK, so I was parked the wrong way under a sign declaring a 15 minute time limit while hazards are flashing.  So after my client coolly stated to me, 'hey man, I think you're getting a parking ticket', I went out to talk to the officer.  She explained that I didn't have my flashers on and that I was parked facing the wrong way.  OK, true.  The inspector was not as easy going and raised a bit of a stink, calling out the fact that the neighbors were parked in clients' spot.  I figured it would be bad if my client was known as the new guy who gets his neighbors tickets, so I took it all on me.  Ultimately, the officer offered to void my ticket if I went into the station and challenged it.  Pretty nice, really.

Now, I know I'm nowhere near the only one here to have been ticketed, parked or otherwise.  And I know that my story pales in comparison to some out there.  So, let's hear em...

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Ralph Gorgoglione
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I'm actualy fighting one myself.

I was pulled over for speeding, when in fact I wasn't.

When the officer flashed his lights, I pulled to the side to let him through.   But then it was me he was pulling over.

He asked me if I knew the car that had pulled over in front of me, and I said no.

But I wasn't about to argue with him at that point and tell him it was the car ahead of me.

I figured it was best to save that for court.

Oct 09, 2009 02:17 PM
Ken Tracy
Coldwell Banker Residential - Naperville, IL
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Hi Brian.  Sounds like you had some good luck on getting out of the ticket.

Welcome to Active Rain and thanks for posting,


Dec 07, 2009 11:00 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
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