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Your Client Does Not Qualify Today, How Can You Help Them Get Approved In The NEAR Future?

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Credit Repair

Credit Repair is slowly becoming one of the most important subjects lenders discuss on a daily basis.  The newest stats are about 7 out of 10 of the applications I take need some kind of credit repair.  That is right, there are lots of people wanting to buy a house but many don't qualify because of a recent event that kept them from keeping their credit up.  As A Realtor you need to make sure you have a lender that has a solid strategy to work with the people who need some credit repair so you turn those people into future clients.  It could mean 5-30 more deals per year depending on your volume.  Go watch this video, or have your clients watch this video then call me to get started www.creditrepairproof.com it is not a scam and they have helped thousands of people.

What do good Credit Repair companies do and how long does it take?  The best companies have attorneys on staff and challenge all or many of the derogatory information on a clients credit report.  The majority of all credit reports are wrong.  In case you didn't know the three credit bureaus are FOR PROFIT companies.  They insist we use them but they get our extremely important and private information wrong and they sell it for profit without our permission.  Good credit repair companies are essential to keeping the three credit bureaus honest and watching them so we the consumer don't get taken advantage of more than we already are.  My credit repair company gets a lot of wrong derogatory information removed forever and they teach the consumer what to do to raise their score and build good credit.

Good Credit Repair companies can make good things happen within 45 days but for major changes to happen it is a 6 month process and it even can take 12 months.  It also requires effort and cooperation from the client and they need to do all the right things moving forward.  My Credit Repair company and I only look to help those who had a tragic event that caused bad credit as opposed to a credit abuser.  I also look to see if they can't afford the credit repair they probably can't afford a new house and should be told as much.  It does none of us any good to get people into a house they can't afford.  I hope we all learned that lesson.  I have had only one client be foreclosed on.  I have had this in mind for a long time!

Is there anything I can do to get someone at 590 to 620 in a short period of time?  Yes, I have a great solution to this problem.  It is so dynamite that I will not give it out due to other lenders stealing it and using it against me when we compete.  I will tell you my solution is 100% effective if the client is 30-60 points away from qualifying. 

If you are looking for a lender who can help you get people turned around from a NO to a YES in a short time, or within 6 months if it is a more serious situation, I am your guy!  I also provide a free marketing system that is blowing away the competition and is something you won't believe until you see it.  Did I mention I have a follow up system that keeps you in front of your existing and potential clients for forever. 

Do you have a marketing strategy?  Do you discuss a marketing strategy with your lender?  If you don't you are not doing something the top 1% of Realtors DO DO on a weekly basis.  Call or email me to start doing what the MOST successful Agents do.  The right partners and the right tools are 50% of this business.

You can also see the credit video on my website under my picture, go see it at www.brianferrick.com and change your clients life by helping them improve their credit. 



Brian Ferrick