FREE Home Staging Seminar at the Sayville NY Library

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How to Successfully Stage & Sell Your Home. In this exciting free seminar, you will learn about the benefits of home staging from expert stager and designer, Linda Leyble of Beautiful Staged Homes. Attendees will learn how to sell their homes quickly and for potentially more money by utilizing key staging techniques. In today's market, you need to create a home that buyers will fall in love with - a home that's organized, stylish and pulled together. Come learn tips on paint colors, flooring, lighting, furniture placement and more. Also - Get tips on how to create a home that will appeal to your most likely buyer.  Attendees could win a free staging consultation and other valuable prizes.

DATE: WEDNESDAY, Oct 14, 7PM-8:30PM.

LOCATION: The Sayville Library, 88 Greene Ave, Sayville NY 11782.

TO REGISTER: Call the library at 631 589-4440 ext 305 to register.


As accomplished, certified home stagers, Beautiful Staged Homes views homes objectively - with "buyers" eyes.  The company benefitted from the rigorous training of Barb Schwarz (who started the staging industry over 35 years ago) of  Experienced in using time-tested, cost-effective techniques that have worked on a national level, Linda Leyble and her team have staged many homes on Long Island - most of these sold in less than a week. In addition, as trained decorative painters, the company can magically transform dated countertops or cabinetry into designer showpieces - for a fraction of the cost of demolishing and buying new. Linda's decorative painting company was awarded the "Best of Long Island 2008" award - and has been nominated again for 2010 by the readers of the Long Island Press.

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 For more information, call Linda Leyble at 631 793-1315 or see her websites:

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I hope the seminar goes well.   I am curious as to why no fee?

Oct 12, 2009 04:12 AM
Linda Leyble

Hi!  I decided on no fee because I really wanted to attract as many people to the program as possible.  The only fees that I am incurring are some printing costs (minimal) and a few prizes that I'm raffling off - and a staging consultation (which I'm raffling as well).  I want to build my email list - of realtors and home sellers.  So - no fee! The library I am doing it in - there's no charge for me.

When you do a seminar, how much do you charge? Do you do a lot of marketing in order to get people there?  I mostly did all of my marketing online - and I had a notice in an event section in our major newspaper for Long Island - which is widely read.

The next seminar I'm doing will be at a restaurant - so I will have to charge for that (at least for the cost of the coffee and bagels).

Thanks for writing - I'll let you know how it goes!

Linda Leyble

Oct 12, 2009 06:55 AM

Hi Linda,

In past career, when I did no-fee seminars, I found the turnout to be poor as there was no commitment.   This changes somewhat when there is a fee, no matter how small.

Since becoming a stager, I have only done 1 seminar and the turnout was poor.   I charged nothing and made it a fundraiser for one of the favourite charities here, Habitat for Humanity, and still sad turnout.

I attended a seminar put on by a senior stager from North Vancouver at a library and she charged a small fee.

I wish you well and hope your turnout is good.  The public is strange; when they should recognize a deal and take advantage of it, they often don't!  Do let me know how it goes.



Oct 15, 2009 04:08 AM
Linda Leyble

Hi Sharon!  I had a small turnout - about 8 people.  All were home sellers (I did expect some realtors - but they did not come). Everyone stayed til the library closed - 45 minutes after the seminar ended.  I think that I will get at least 2 jobs out of it...a staging and furniture rental and an organizing/staging job for a senior.  So - all in all I felt that it was worth it. 

I do agree that if there was a small fee - more people would have showed up - because there were about 5 others that registered but they didn't show.

I will be doing another event in Feb that I will change a fee for because it's at a restaurant and I am serving food etc.  I am going to get sponsors for that one as well.

Where I am - in New York - I have a hard time getting the realtors to use me on a conistent basis, so I have to reach out to the sellers. 

Thanks for writing to me again!


Linda Leyble; Beautiful Staged Homes and Studio of Decorative Arts



Oct 15, 2009 05:18 AM