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Free Lecture, Clear It Out, Creating and Maintaing Order  by Sara Eisen, Nest, Seattle
(LFP Elementary, Tuesday 10/13, 7-8:30 p.m.)
What to Bring:  The contents of your junk drawer in a bag; this will be fun!

If anyone has a free night the next four Tuesday nights, I have a great suggestion for you!  As part of a fundraiser for Lake Forest Park Elementary, we have a FREE lecture series going on aimed at learning methods for decluttering, feng shui and energy clearing our homes!  Five local experts have volunteered their time to get us going on our decluttering.  After the first lecture (by Elizabeth Schermer of Fundamental Feng Shui, I'll blog about it), every participant I talked to had gone home and started right away on one closet or another, some area of their home. 

My own family really benefitted right away.  My son kept waking up at night and we redid his room after the first lecture... he told me that his room now feels cosy and warm!  He has stopped getting up at night.  That's just my little story, every participant I've talked to tells me something great has already taken place in their home.  Don't worry if you're not a clutterbug, you just take it to the next level, finding out which possessions have a positive purpose in your life and which no longer serve you

This coming Tuesday, 10/13, Sara Eisen of Nest, Seattle ("Seattle Interior Design and Home Organization Services with a Twist"), will be giving the lecture "Clear It Out, Creating and Maintaining Order".  Sara is a warm whirlwind of ideas and an understanding that allows one to start thinking about one's home in terms of usage patterns and what really makes sense to support one's lifestyle.  She is an expert at color coordination and choice, and how each color will affect our living in the space!  Her site is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration, great links and expert advice.  Make sure to get on her mailing list to tap this great resource!

For more information go to where you'll find the complete calendar and the explanation of the big JUMBLE SALE we'll be holding on Novemeber 21, 1-4 p.m., at Lake Forest Park Elementary.

The next lectures will be:

10/13 Clear It Out, Creating and Maintaining Order (Sara Eisen, Nest)

10/20 Interior Redesign, Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life (Gwen Williams, Space Transform)

10/27 Peace and Vitality, Living Intentionally In Your Home (Piper Lauri Salooga, Natural Balance)

11/3 Simple Tools to Create Harmony Within (Christine Wallace, Earth Cathedral)

All lectures go 7 to 8:30 with questions answered until 9 p.m.  If you have ever wanted your own home decorating or Feng Shui expert, here's your chance to get a taste of that.  This is my "Dream Team for Life".

Brief Report: On 10/6 our first lecture, Raising the Roof, Connect With Your Home and Change Your Life was presented by Elizabeth Schermer of Fundamental Feng Shui.  It was well attended although about half the participants in the project will be at any given lecture.  Elizabeth gave us a great outline from her full day class which starts to open up how to discover whether a possession is still serving a useful function in your life. If you discover how it's holding you back, there are comfortable ways to let go.  We explored some of the positive effects the process of letting go can create in our life and our future.  The homework processes, on the website, are opening things us for those of us who are using them!

DON'T FORGET that we'll have the Big Jumble Sale on November 21 from noon to four, come and shop for treasures!  It's all happening at Lake Forest Park Elementary School, 18500 37th Avenue N, Lake Forest Park, and it's FREE!  Yay!


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