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Are you looking for a way to build back links to your real estate investing related website? If you have a real estate investing web site and are in need of backlinks, please read on.

Nowadays, everyone needs links back to their website if they want to compete for organic search engine traffic. Having more backlinks is always a great idea, but did you know that there are certain links that are more “potent” than others? The most potent backlinks are what are referred to as “in content backlinks”. In content backlinks are links that are actually inside a paragraph on a web page or blog post. The most potent “in content” links are links that are on sites that are about a similar topic to your web site’s topic. They are also the hardest type of links to acquire because since they need to appear inside a paragraph, it usually means that someone has to write about or recommend your site in their page or article. This can be very difficult to make happen when you are starting a new site or when trying to breathe life into a poorly performing site.

How Does Your Link Building Program Work?

Our link building program is very simple. For a small fee per article or per month, we allow you to write your own articles about whatever you want (that is related to real estate investing) and post them on our site. This allows you to talk all you want about your web site and its services and products and put links to whatever page you are promoting throughout your article. It allows you to link as much as you want, to whatever you want.

By posting links in your articles, you build highly potent “in content backlinks” to your site or sites and in turn you increase your rank on google and other sites. Not only do you increase your rank, but by having your article on, you will also receive notoriety in our online community and you will get traffic from the readers of our site. Our team of SEO experts will also fine tune your links even more if needed.

How Much Does it Cost?

With our article writing program you can pay per submission if you only need to post a small amount of articles per month. The price per article is $40.

If you post more than 2 articles a month, you will want to pay per month. The cost per month for unlimited article submissions is $100.

In order to compete in online and on the search engines organically, you must have quality in content links to your site on other sites that are relevant to the topic of your site. If you have a real estate investing related website, or service that you are trying to promote online, visit today and get started.

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