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Websites powered by WordPress are getting more and more popular these days. Many real estate investors are finding creative ways to use WordPress sites to market themselves online very effectively for very low cost. While some use these sites to actually generate leads, others use them for posting blogs, and some use them to enhance their other websites’ ranking with search engines. Some real estate investors do all of these things and much much more with their WordPress sites.

At, we currently use WordPress on a few of our sites for a few different reasons. Although we develop websites ourselves, we found that WordPress came almost all of the functionality we needed for our blog. Rather than “reinvent the wheel” or use some other CMS like joomla or tridian, we decided on using WordPress to manage our real estate investing blog site,

By using WordPress, we had our site up and running in a matter of hours. I was able to design a custom theme and fill it up with our old articles in no time. After it was set up, I was able to give access directly to my writers and they are now able to easily post articles and pages without having a web designer or developer involved. They don’t really even really need to know anything about websites. All they need to do is write words. WordPress allows me to give them an “author” account, so they can write all they want and all I have to do is hit “approve” and it goes live on the website. You can set these approval setting however you want, I just like to have the final say on what goes online so I set it to give me that control.

Once the article is posted, WordPress allows people to post comments about your articles on your site. You can turn this off if you want but by having people comment on your articles, it looks good for your site and helps you gain rank on search engines. The reason for this gain in rank is due to the fact that search engines love new content. If people are commenting on your articles, your article is continuously getting updated as far as google is concerned. I have our comments set up so that I get to approve them before they actually go live on the site. This allows me to filter out the spam.

The comments settings are one of many simple settings in the WordPress control panel. In this easy to use admin, I am able to easily add and edit user accounts, add and edit articles, add and edit pages and much more. It is set up pretty nice right out of the box. A person with hardly any technical knowledge of the internet can be blogging and editing web pages in no time. If you have ever posted a blog or a comment on a website, you can manage a WordPress site.

To get a WordPress site set up, you will probably have to enlist the help of someone with some web site developing experience, but it will be the best money you ever spent. You can usually get someone to set it up for you for a few hundred dollars or less. If you pay for a web host, you are looking at around $10 a month or so, and around $8 per year for the actual purchase of your web site’s address. So, depending on how much your developers charge to install it, you could end up only having to spend a little over $100 a year to have a super easy to use and easy to update website. I forgot to mention that the actual WordPress application is totally free. All you have to ever pay for is setup, hosting , optional customizations (and sometimes help).

Of course, at we can service all of your WordPress needs from simple WordPress installations to supercharged custom WordPress plugins and custom WordPress themes. Below are a few examples of WordPress sites that has designed. These sites have a little more to them than just the basics, but they are still examples of very affordable websites that anyone can easily update.

This site is real estate investor and private money expert, Chris Yates’s video blog powered by WordPress. It utilizes a few addons and customizations such as the youtube video playlist, twitter feeds and others. The forms are made with infusion CRM and just needed some styling to plug them in nicely. The main appeal for using WordPress here is the fact that it is basically a blog. Chris is able to easily update and add pages, articles, blogs, events, videos, products for sale, tweets, and more… and he never has to wait for a developer to get around to updating his page.

After seeing how easy it was to update his news page himself, Chris Yates had us rebuild his main private money lending website on the WordPress format. We were able to copy his existing site onto a WordPress and make it a lot prettier in a matter of a few hours. Now he automatically has a blog installed and he now has the ability to edit any page, add a page whenever he wants without the help of a developer. This saves so much of a few different people’s time and in turn saves him a ton of money.

This is our original WordPress site. We set this site up simply to allow anyone to write articles for us and allow them to post them on the site without taking up our valuable development time. It is pretty basic as far as the structure of the site. There are some great articles for getting started in real estate investing, Property Wholesaling, Private Money Lending, Buying and Selling Houses, Rent to Own and more. It also has a great real estate glossary on there.

There are so many ways to use a WordPress website to benefit your real estate investing business. This article is just the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t realize how huge the post would get in such a small amount of time, so I will probably need to make this into a series of posts. There is so much you can do to benefit your real estate business with a WordPress site. Once you get it set up, the sky is the limit. I will get more in depth on some more specific WordPress topics in my future posts. I will talk about using WordPress sites in different areas of your real estate investing business, such as marketing to home buyers and home sellers, generating private money, building wholesale buyers lists, using adsense and other banner programs, affiliate programs, selling ebooks and products and I am sure I will come up with even more topics.

You can easily do all of these things and more with a WordPress site and many people can figure out how to put all of these things into action after they get their site and tinker around with it a bit. Please feel free to post questions in the comments on this page and I will answer them so everyone can see.

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