Cool in Lake Havasu City, AZ

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I was sitting here this beautiful Sunday morning while listening to my husband snore in the next room thinking how it seems the weather here instantly cooled down from our summers heat.  It seems that every year I am anxious for the cooler weather but then by about April of every year I look forward to the heat.

Although, I do not think anyone gets used to the higher temperatures that we get here in Lake Havasu it is no different than areas where it snows.  In areas where the temperatures drop considerably you definitely do not just stand out in the cold or snow.  Well, here if you hang out in the summer you have many options including boating and swimming.

One thing is for sure, you can't beat our winters!  We used to be "Snowbirds" when we first discovered Lake Havasu and would run around almost all winter in shorts and a T-Shirt.  Now that we live here and have acclimated to the climate on a year round basis the "Snowbirds" stand out even to us.  When it gets below 70 degrees we are in long pants and long sleeve shirts. 

One thing is for sure about living here we have an abundance of sunshine and the good news is "You don't have to shovel sunshine".

Have a wonderful Sunday and every day...

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