Cameron Village - Raleigh, NC

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 The Cameron Village subdivision in Raleigh, NC is one oldest areas in Raleigh, NC. Work on the Cameron Village neighborhood began 1940’s. The early 1950’s saw the construction of the Cameron Village Shopping Center. This made Cameron Village one of the most desirable locations in Raleigh. In addition, the Cameron Village Condominiums, which date from the same era, are located on the neighborhood’s border along several main thoroughfares.

Cameron Village is a unique combination of traditional architecture, casual country style and modern conveniences. Many of houses in the development are sprawling and spacious ranch-style homes. Amenities available in Cameron Village compare favorably to those offered by other subdivisions. There are several newer neighborhoods close Cameron Village with plenty of inter-neighborhood activity to keep the residents engaged and entertained.

One of the local landmarks is the Occidental Building. Constructed in 1955, this building is a prime example of an “international style” office building. Once almost demolished to make room for newer development, the Occidental Building was saved and preserved by a partnership of an architectural firm and a construction firm. The building has a “prominent location and grand stature” that the owners are committed to reestablishing.

Cameron Village is an ideal place to live not only because of the quality construction of the homes but also because it’s conveniently located. It’s just a short walk to a shopping center and a short drive to North Carolina State University, Glenwood South and beautiful Fred Fletcher Park. Cameron Village combines ambience of the 1940’s and 1950’s with the classic architectural lines of landmarks like the Occidental Building. The result is a unique community with an unmistakable “period” character.

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