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Great  teachers are priceless!!

I was speaking to Empire Realty Partner & Broker Associate Barbara Youngman today about the community of Greenbrook. Barbara specializes in working with buyers and sellers throughout the Diablo and Tri-Valley communities, but she has a special place in her heart for Greenbrook; a very family oriented neighborhood in Danville, CA.

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Barbara knows many of the teachers at Greenbrook School very well. Below is an article from Barbara about a very special teacher!


"Something was MISSING, when school started at Greenbrook this year......

Mrs. Allred, a second grade teacher at the school for the past 13 years was missing! Her husband accepted a transfer with Wells Fargo Bank, to London. So, they sold their house and they are off on a new adventure. Mrs. Allred retired from her beloved position of helping children discover new concepts at this important time in learning development. Mrs. Allred says, "Children spend kindergarten and first grade ‘learning to read'. In second grade that changes to ‘reading to learn'." How fortunate is the child that discovers the excitement found in the world of reading.

At this age children are learning to be accountable, aware of right and wrong, they want to be honest, they want to please, says Mrs. Allred. And, that the children at this age have inquiring minds, forming memories, writing stories, learning new skills in math, such as, "carry & borrow". They also learn to tell time. They are eager sponges, just soaking up knowledge.

She first came to Greenbrook School on Valentine's Day, to substitute in a kindergarten class for three weeks. The class of thirty two children had twenty boys. They had a difficult time getting a teacher to stay with such a lively class. Mrs. Allred got their attention right away by speaking in rhymes, which she continued to do for the remainder of the year-no regular conversation, always rhymes.

The children were captivated! The principle, seeing her abilities, hired her full time immediately. The next year and from then on, she taught second grade, which was her favorite.

Greenbrook School is the recipient of all the awards possible and is designated as a "Distingushed School". Substitute teachers say that the school has the friendliest staff in the valley, a staff that is very open, loving and accepting. The parent support is one of the reasons for the school's success. Parents devote many hours of volunteer work to assist in making the school a great asset to the community.

We will all miss Mrs. Allred and we thank her for her many years of giving to our community and to the children. Mrs. Allred thought that teaching at Greenbrook was the best postion anyone could have. She said, "You know, the children here are happy. It is wonderful to teach happy children. I have loved it and will always treasure my fond memories."

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Thank you Barbara!

 Posted by Katie Lance, Marketing Manager, Empire Realty Associates


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